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  10. Hey Monsters, Lady Here.

    It’s time to mobilize our monster community and spread jazz as far and wide as we can! When we work together, we can do anything! Here’s some ideas of how we can get the word out on Cheek To Cheek over the next 72 hrs!

    Remind people of the Amazon special pricing:

    Buy #CheekToCheek $6.99 Standard: http://smarturl.it/CheekToCheekAmzSd

    $9.99 Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/CheekToCheekAmz

    Post about the #iTunesExclusiveTrack by promoting my BANG BANG performance: http://www.cheek2cheek.com/news/bang-bang-my-baby-shot-me-down

    Share the Global itunes link: http://smarturl.it/CheekToCheek

    Remind people that Target features exclusive solo-favorite Track ‘Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered.’

    And that the album is also available in physical form at Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, Best Buy, Rite-Aid, FYE, and independent record stores across the country.

    Spreading these links and the word to family and friends, would mean the world to me and Tony. You’ve always stood by me, and I will always stand by you. Thank you for being there for me through all the ups and downs. It feels good to watch you all smiling again and feeling passionate about something I love so much. Let’s do this!

    Grab your keyboards, and fire away. It’s game time!

    Love, Gagaloo

    P.S I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND AM HAVING THE BEST TIME EVER TOURING THE artRAVE, I’m so happy and I hope you all are healthy and happy too!

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  13. New Harper’s Bazaar outtake. HQ

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